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The secret of Viva Burrito is out. Lunchtime lines -- populated mostly by hungry types from the nearby hospitals and government offices -- snake through the restaurant's interior, as the folks manning the grill dish up overflowing tortillas with assembly-line precision. Although Viva is located in an anonymous strip of stores near the new county courthouse, the space inside has a very personal feel, with huge Mexican murals, a cool tiled floor, and butcher-block tables.

A midtown burrito joint would probably pull in patrons anyway, but Viva goes the extra mile with its food. You can see the ingredients sitting right there behind the counter: crisp lettuce, soft tortillas, shredded cheese. The high volume means that nothing sits for more than a few moments at a time. Viva also exceeds expectations with the variety of its menu: you can get a basic cheese quesadilla ($2.95) or a spicy Cajun snapper taco ($5.55). Desserts, too, are good: although the flan ($2.50) was gooey and bland (so unfortunate), the coconut cheesecake ($2.75) redeemed the dessert menu with a rich and creamy custard.

A word of warning: this is messy business. The entrées are all supersized -- plan on finishing your meal later -- and require two hands to maneuver from the cardboard tray to your mouth.


Editorial Rating: Recommended
Get the napkins ready because these juicy Mexican wraps are a mouthful.

The Scene
Burgers and fries might be the pre-game food of choice for FleetCenter fans, but Viva Burrito, located right in the heart of North Station, offers a fresh alternative with thick, hearty wraps and plenty of options. Grab a table inside, where Mexican murals surround you, or stake out a seat on the sidewalk. But no matter where you eat, the large portions will require the use of both hands.

The Food
Choose from traditional burritos, quesadillas and tacos or let down your hair and go for a gourmet burrito with chicken and artichokes, lamb and spinach or Cajun blackened chicken (the spice is mild but still might get your nose running). There's an assortment of seafood combinations with red snapper, shrimp or scallops as well as salads, crunchy tostados, chili, black bean soup and even beer. Additional toppings like cheese, sour cream and guacamole come separate and cost more, so be sure to ask for them if that's your pleasure.

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